Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Magnolia Route

A modeling friend of mine pointed out a video on youtube, showing off a beautiful piece of modeling of Cliff Powers, modeling Alabama and Mississippi in HO. His layout is quite large, but none the less he's been able to detail various scenes in great detail. It resides in it's own purpose build building that measures 14 x32 feet, and the layout is devided over 3 levels connected by a double track helix. There are over a 100 locomotives in service on this layout, most with sound (and smoke where applicable), and DCC controlled. The trackplan is found on this web site
I've selected another video of this layout, that captures a bit of the atmosphere found on this layout. For more, I urge you to check out other videos and of course the website of the layout www.magnoliaroute.com  .

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