Monday, July 1, 2013

Card stock modeling

Recently I've taken an interest in card stock modeling.
I've seen many pictures on the interweb, that shows some nice looking structures made of card stock or some kind of hybrid.
So I decided to give it a go.
I've purchased/downloaded a couple of structures from the 'Clever Models' website, (they have a couple of freebies too) as well as a small building from the 'model train software' website. see: .
The last example is actually software that along with some examples, basically supplies you with a design package and lots of texture templates, to design and create you're own buildings. The Clever models site has a series of pre-designed structures ready for down load, as well as several textures (brick walls, windows etc) to make your own. See .

I've also bought a couple of grades of paper to print these on, to experiment with what works best. So far I've got some sheets of 120gr/m2 , 160gr/m2 and 300 gr/m2 from an arts and craft supplier, to try things out with, and I decided to build a first structure using the 160 gr/m2 grade paper.

Here's my 'freebie' structure from the model-train-software site under construction. So far so good. I know some of my regular visitors build in card stock too, so I'd be curious if you have any good sites for me to find good structure models , obviously north american prototypes, and if they are Californian prototypes, even better. :-)