Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pastures green

The next step in scenery construction on my module, is to add some grass areas. I've started by adding various sizes of grass tufts, by Heki, the colour is Savannah (no 1574) wild grass.
These are small mats that you can tear or cut in various shapes and sizes.
I will be mixing these with other colours, sizes and textures to create a realistic wild (non manicured) grass area along the right of way.  They've only just been put down, and the white glue I am using is still visible in places.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An update

Last week I shared some videos of the Conrad turnout motors.
Since then, I've been able to finalise all the wiring of my 'Wolter Springs' module boards.
It is very well possible that I will need more wiring in the future for things like lights of various types etc (think street lights, buildings ) or animations such as grade crossings etc.
The basics are done however, all trackwiring , turnout control, DCC bus (plus an auxilary bus), Throttle bus, as well as 16VAC bus wiring is in place.
I've also painted the fascia of the boards , which improves their appearance and protects the wood.

This means I can now continue with another aspect which is scenery.

The other thing I've ordered and received is an ESU loksound select decoder, pre-loaded with an 8cylinder EMD 645 non turbo engine. This decoder is going to be used in my SW1500 on the main layout. I have reported that I've struggled to get decent low speed performance out of that engine, and ESU reportedly has some of the best motor control electronics in the business, so hopefully that will cure the problem. (I've already done all the mechanical checks etc), and at the same time it will get sound, and LED lights.

Another project I will soon continue with is the Southern Pacific GP9 commuter engine. I've got most detail parts in stock now, and the Proto 2000 shell I have for this has been stripped.
First on this project is to modify the side sill so that the tank filler cap is moved backwards instead of its current forward position.

So as you can see, plenty to do, and not enough time to do it all in, but we'll get there slowly.

Stay tuned.

Monday, May 20, 2013

An under-floor turnout motor in action

Hi all,

I've recently installed a couple of turnout motors, made and supplied by Conrad electronics.
The link to this motor is here: ... -Mechanism
It costs only £3,99 , and has a micro switch to use for switching of the frog polarity or other uses. It might not be a Tortoise, or a Fulgurex motor, but it might prove sufficient for your use/budget, small project or other uses. I've decided to use them on my NMRA-BR spec module, and see how they withstand the test of time.
Here are two Youtube videos I made, one from above, and one from below, seeing it in action. It is not a 'slow motion' motor, but it's a bit more gentle than a Peco motor or similar design. The videos were uploaded directly to Youtube using the free app 'Youtube Capture' for iPhone.

Part one, from above.

Part two, from below.