Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Western Union meet Sept 2010

Saturday Sept 11th, the Western Union RR group had their monthly meet, which was once again a great meeting for those present (I missed it due to work). Below a picture of the action. Two SP SD9E snow service loco's on the 11the avenue modules, hauling snow fighting equipment.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi all, I'm very sorry that my last post is more than 6 weeks ago now. I've had a busy period both in my private life (birthdays, family holiday etc) and professionally (a lot of travel and work abroad) that my hobby has been kind of snowed under for a bit. Anyway, while I'm currently still abroad my situation is this:
- My C44-9W work is progressing but very slowly
- My CF7 paint job has been at a stand still (so I have an unpainted shell at present)
- My California Northern Railroad layout has seen the application of a little ballast.
Photo's of these project will be posted when I am home again.  In any case, I hope you will check this blog regularly, as I will try to pick up the rate of posting here again, when my life is starting to get a little more organised. :-)