Thursday, July 24, 2014


One of my latest modeling projects I finished a few months ago, I had not yet posted here.
It is my SP GP9 commuter locomotive.
Added details are light packages, steamgenerator exhausts, airvents, new roof vents, and several other small items. Of course it was equipped with a Loksound decoder with the new EMD 567 sound file and sounds great.

Here's a few pictures to enjoy.


It's been a while that I've updated this blog.
I simply had nothing to report. I also had my family holiday and work commitments that took away valuable work commitments.

Anyway, this coming August bank holiday weekend, I am part organising a modular railroading meet in my home town.
Fellow NMRA-BR members from the area, aswell as others will join forces and set up a modest modular layout and 'play trains' together.

I've been working on my module ' Wolter Springs' the past weekend, making some repairs, and enhancements.
I've had an electrical issue and also needed to improve the leg height adjustment range. That's now all done.

Further I've been weathering a few of the structures. See included photo. I know on the picture the warehouse looks rather 'stripey', but in real life it is actually not that bad. I will still tone it done with some dust coloured powders to remove some of the starkness (is that a word? ) .