Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Realistic backdrops by Pele Soeborg

Pele Soeborg is well known for his modern US layout set in the Californian desert. He's written about it in Model railroader magazine, produced DVD's, and has written several books about modelrailroad scenery techniques etc, all published by Kalmbach, and available in many good bookstores, Amazon etc.
His redesigned layout now featured photo realistic backdrops, and you can now have those too. He's collaborating with UK based company ModelJunction, through which his backdrops are now for sale. Go check them out!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wolter Springs is rising

Progress has been slow, but I managed to finally make a pair of legs for my module. Here's the next module board, on the legs, the other earlier board can just be seen on the floor behind it. (that board already received a top coat of latex paint and plaster, but needs a darker earth tone on top of the current base ).
Once that has legs I can clamp the boards together and check the track alignment from one board to the next. The next job will be to install track feeder wires on the new board, and then we can start with the fun part, starting to do the base scenery.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blog Housekeeping

I've done a little housekeeping, and removed some 'dead links' from my list of useful links on the right, and added another.  Express Models. They are a supplier of miniature lights and leds, fit for all sorts of applications, fibre optics, Kadee couplers and TCS DCC decoders among others. All items that modelers of American model railways could use.

If you know of any others that have (modeling) supplies that are useful for our American RR hobby, let me know and I'll review and add them, and if you come across mistakes or dead links, please let me know too and I'll correct it.