Thursday, June 25, 2015

Southern Pacific GP9E

I still had another Lifelike Proto 2000 locomotive in a drawer that I intended to turn into a Southern Pacific locomotive.
I decided I try to make a reasonable representation of a phase 3 GP9 (recognised by it's 3 large fans on the long hood, as opposed to 4 small and 1 large) after rebuild , turning it into a GP9E, and this one was equipped with a Farr filter housing on the long hood.
The other 'unusual' spotting difference is that it never had the typical SP light package. 3816 was delivered to the T&NO subdivision and had a standard light package, and later in it's life received a roof beacon. This is how I modeled it.  It is almost done. I still need to install Kadee couplers, numberboard lettering, and weather it, but everything else (including ESU loksound decoder, Sugarcube speaker, and LED lights ) has been done.