Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blog changes

For a while now, I was wondering why my visitor counter isn't working anymore, and just realised that Blogger has made some changes. While this site was registered as a dot com, surfing to it now changes it automatically to blogger dot co dot uk. I think that due to that, the counter doesn't work properly anymore.
Anoying as I liked it to see how much traffic I get. There is an option in my account settings to see the same, but that means  logging in etc, a few extra steps... the price of progress?

Thursday, April 19, 2012


As promised, here's the loco in question. Suprisingly, it also came equiped with an NCE DCC decoder, which I didn't know when bidding. Bonus indeed. I will in time sound equip this loco, but for now it can go straight into service.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


A great loco for a smaller layout are the SW or MP series switchers by EMD. I own a SW1200, which for my era is probably a little bit too old, although modeling licence means I can probably get away with it, as one of the last suvivors perhaps, afterall, it's currently painted in a freelance scheme anyway.  However, I wanted something a little newer, and SP. So I stumbled upon an SW1500 in SP scarlet and grey this morning, on Ebay, with only 5 hours to go and no bids. I decided to go for it, expecting some last minute bid, but no, I was lucky, and 5 hours later no additional bids were made, I am the sole bidder, and managed to grab myself a nearly new Athearn RTR SW1500. I think the Athearn model is quite decent, and with a little bit of detailing can be made into a very nice one. Here's a photo (courtesy of Athearn) of the roadnumber I won.
Once it is in, I'll inspect it, and might just make another picture of it to post here.
Seems like my new cars will have a loco to haul it soon. 

Picture time

Here's some pics, as promised, one of the Genesis Caboose, the other showing the caboose, with the two new hoppers, and the well cars in the background, at Napa Valley yard. Part of my unfinished CFNR SD9 and the CFNR loco shop can be seen in the background. Click on a pic to view a larger version.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Stock fillers

As I kind of restarted in this hobby a couple of years ago, I barely had any relatively modern stock, matching the era which I model currently.
Also,  while I love the detail of the models like those of Athearn Genesis or Exact-rail etc., it is going to be expensive to collect a reasonable fleet.
Therefore I look on eBay for second hand items and also buy some from the ready to run ranges to fill in my roster. The detail of the RTR ranges might not be on a par with the more expensive offerings, but they will blend in nicely in a train, and can also handle a few more bumps. They're also ideal to try out weathering techniques before you take your airbrush/powders etc to a more expensive model.
So on its way are a couple of Athearn RTR covered hoppers and a few well cars, my first intermodal cars. As luck would have it, my first caboose will ship with them so my car fleet will see a rapid growth soon. Pics will follow as soon as I can provide them.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Athearn Genesis C50-7 caboose

Hi all,

you might recall that I ordered two SP cabooses, from the Athearn Genesis range.
I've noticed they are starting to ship, so I thought I'd contact my local retailer
to find out when they will become available on UK shores. Turns out, the
shipping dates of some of them have slipped, while others have no shipping dates
at all anymore , including both road numbers I ordered. They did offer a
substitute number for one of the two I ordered, so I accepted that.
So here's there message: "We have had both versions
(lighted/non-lighted) delivered of two types only. The versions you have
ordered, together with the other versions not delivered, have lost their
production date.
At this stage we can offer you ATH-G63307 instead of ATH-G63308 should
production be delayed/cancelled of the ones you have ordered."

So if you're wondering where you're caboose is, I'd suggest to contact your dealer
and see what they can offer you instead.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Exactrail goes direct

Currently I do not know what the impact is on the availability of ExactRail products outside the US due to  the following announcement from them, but my initial feeling is not very positive, I hope I am wrong:

As of May 1, 2012, ExactRail will no longer offer a dealer discount and will discontinue our dealer network. Cost of production has increased considerably for ExactRail over the last two years. We have absorbed most of these increases through our margins, however this is not a supportable model for our business. Our conclusion is that we can keep prices reasonable by serving you directly. We believe we can both benefit from having direct interaction.
The future of ExactRail is bright with many exciting and innovative new products coming soon. Over the past year we have been busier than ever in new product development, the quality and authenticity of our products will exceed anything that ExactRail has released to date. You have a lot to look forward to from ExactRail.
Keep an eye on and our Facebook page for some exciting upcoming announcements!
Happy Railroading,
The ExactRail Team