Saturday, April 14, 2012


A great loco for a smaller layout are the SW or MP series switchers by EMD. I own a SW1200, which for my era is probably a little bit too old, although modeling licence means I can probably get away with it, as one of the last suvivors perhaps, afterall, it's currently painted in a freelance scheme anyway.  However, I wanted something a little newer, and SP. So I stumbled upon an SW1500 in SP scarlet and grey this morning, on Ebay, with only 5 hours to go and no bids. I decided to go for it, expecting some last minute bid, but no, I was lucky, and 5 hours later no additional bids were made, I am the sole bidder, and managed to grab myself a nearly new Athearn RTR SW1500. I think the Athearn model is quite decent, and with a little bit of detailing can be made into a very nice one. Here's a photo (courtesy of Athearn) of the roadnumber I won.
Once it is in, I'll inspect it, and might just make another picture of it to post here.
Seems like my new cars will have a loco to haul it soon. 

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