Friday, April 13, 2012

Stock fillers

As I kind of restarted in this hobby a couple of years ago, I barely had any relatively modern stock, matching the era which I model currently.
Also,  while I love the detail of the models like those of Athearn Genesis or Exact-rail etc., it is going to be expensive to collect a reasonable fleet.
Therefore I look on eBay for second hand items and also buy some from the ready to run ranges to fill in my roster. The detail of the RTR ranges might not be on a par with the more expensive offerings, but they will blend in nicely in a train, and can also handle a few more bumps. They're also ideal to try out weathering techniques before you take your airbrush/powders etc to a more expensive model.
So on its way are a couple of Athearn RTR covered hoppers and a few well cars, my first intermodal cars. As luck would have it, my first caboose will ship with them so my car fleet will see a rapid growth soon. Pics will follow as soon as I can provide them.

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