Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another acquisition

I may have mentioned it in the past, but due to my job I spend many weekdays away from home. I now have a 'semi permanent' base closer to my place of work to which I commute on a weekly basis. I decided it's the perfect opportunity to spend a little more time on railroad projects than I've been able to. Nothing big, but enough to keep me satisfied and work on items that I will use in time on my own home layout. So I've started to build a set of NMRA-BR modules, that I can detail and operate in time while I'm away from home. For that you need some motive power and some cars. The motive power is now on it's way in the form of a Southern Pacific GP35 phase 1a.  It's an Athearn RTR model. It will need some super detailing in time, but for now I'll leave it untouched. It's even remaining DC for the time being, until I can afford buying a Simple DCC controller for these modules.  For that matter, the modules aren't even build yet, I've got the wooden frames of the first one ready, but still need to start on the next one. Here's a (factory) picture of the loco for now.  

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