Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tuning your locomotive decoders

You might have read in an earlier post that I have been tuning some sound equiped locomotive decoders as I wasn't satisfied with some of their performance.
The decoder in question was a Soundtraxx Tsunami decoder. This decoder is one of the better sounding on the market (keep in mind that good quality sound is greatly influenced by correct use of speakers, positioning inside the loco etc, issues that often have some form of compromise involved). It also is one of the harder ones to set up, particularly in the low speed areas (In my experience the decoders made by ESU (Loksound) are far superior), but can be tamed when given some time.
Rather than repeating everything I've done to get it to run better, I'd like to provide a link here to a PDF document on the Australian NMRA website, clicking on will start a download of this document, that goes in great depth for setting up a Tsunami decoder (and also other brands) for both steam and diesel locomotives. I hope this is useful for some of you. It largely describes it by using the free software 'decoder pro', but individual CV numbers are also given which will enable you to do the same from any other DCC system.

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