Saturday, January 14, 2012

Atlas trainman Genset

Hi all,
Recently I received an Atlas newsletter, and among others, it announces the release of a Genset in California Northern colours. As you know I like that shortline, and would consider modeling it in the present (change era's from time to time).

Unfortunately, it's just a paint scheme release, they haven't looked at the differences between NRE gensets. The CFNR owns the dynamic brake versions type: 3GS21B-DE.
So I'm looking at a possible kitbash opportunity. There's lot's on the Atlas model that needs updating, the handrails are much too coarse etc, headlight placement is different, but the cab and nose are good, as are the overal dimensions.
Here two pictures for comparison: First the real thing (pic courtesy of Mike Arnold).
Second the Atlas model which is a 3GS21B , no dynamic brakes, hence the lower long hood, longer exhaust stacks, and generally different louvres etc.:

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