Saturday, January 14, 2012


Many probably think about couplers when reading the Kadee name. You'd be right, but they make a lot more, among which freight car trucks. I had ordered a couple of sets to try and use for my woodchip gondola cars.
Well, I am very , very impressed with the quality of those trucks. They're suspended, and extremely smooth rolling, I can't recommend them enough. I've mounted a set under my first woodchip gondola and it runs better than many other cars I have, fantastic! Once again proof that you get what you pay for, as they're not the cheapest trucks out there.
Same of course goes for their couplers, the patent of their coupler has expired for several years now, which meant there's a flood of 'clones' on the market. One positive thing that came out of that is that we've got rid of that horrible hornhook coupler, but there's several pretty bad knuckle couplers out there too now. Again, replace them with Kadee (or Sergent, but they're not compatible with knuckle couplers mostly, but very prototypical). couplers, you'll not only get a strong coupler, but one that is very reliable and couples effortlessly even in curves etc. Forget about the clones,they're just not worth it in my opinion. (I've still got several to exchange).


  1. I love Kadee trucks and won't use anything else under my freight cars. Now if only they did some more steam era variants, which sounds odd coming from someone who models electric traction, but you know what I mean.

  2. yes I know what you mean :-) It's funny though, all their freight cars are from that era (albeit towards the transition period) I guess you are looking for much earlier than that?