Thursday, January 12, 2012

SP Woodchip gondola

Finally, after some time, I managed to continue a little bit with my wood-chip gondola project.
I'm scratch building this car from styrene.  A while back I had made the sides and ends, but never got much further with it. This week, I spend a little time to make the floor, and have now glued the sides , ends and floor together. It now actually starts to look like a railroad car. :-) Best of all, it's straight!
Here's a few pictures of the car as it is at this moment, and one of the real thing. Check back regularly for more updates :-)


  1. Thank you! :-) It's slowly coming together :-)

  2. Koos- I found this searching for info on these SP gons; I'm about to embark on my own versions. Any plans/tips?

    Thanks in advance for and help you can spare!