Monday, January 9, 2012

SD9 progress

As mentioned in my update, my CFNR SD9 is a step further towards completion.

I've now spray painted the green, and also painted the trucks silver as the prototype.
For reasons initially unknown however, I ended up having quite a bit of (very small) bleed along the top edges of the masking tape. Since then, I realised my mistakes and I share them here for your info:
- Always first paint on another layer of the colour you mask (in this case cream), this will seal of the edges and any bleed will be invisible. The next layer (green) then cannot 'bleed' as the likely locations would have been sealed in previous steps. I now need to carefully use a brush to tidy up these areas which will be difficult.
- I have (probably) sprayed the paint slightly from above, which increases the risk of paint running behind the masking tape. Always hold the airbrush straight along the masked areas!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the unit as she is today.
A lot of work (besides the above) still needs doing, among others: The fuel tank needs to be painted green, decals need adding, the numberboards and lights to be added (headlights to be drilled through and lenses added), and of course all the handrails, but we're getting there.

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