Tuesday, November 26, 2013

winter month modeling projects

Now that it's getting darker early, and temperatures dropping,  indoor activities are getting more attractive again of course, and in my case, model railroad projects are getting a boost.
I've got several that I'm hoping to complete in the coming months, these are:
- Replacing of some turnouts on my home layout from a mixture of old Shinohara and peco code 75, to Peco code 83 US style turnouts, including Conrad turnout motors). I've got 4 on the entrance of the Napa Jct yard that I want to change out for these, and of course wire them all up.
- Model and finish at least one GP9 (out of two shells I have) , turning it into a detailed commuter geep SP 3191.
- Add LED's and a sound decoder to my second CFNR GP15-1 (yes you read that correctly, the second one is on it's way as you read this :-) ).
- Getting my new module Tree Point to an operable condition, so I can 'play trains' .

There might be other things but these are my main projects, and that looks like a tall order already , we shall see how it goes.


  1. Just found your website and it is very interesting. You might want to view mine. It may be of help to you.
    A. Garrido

  2. thank you very much for your comments, and your website link, that looks like a very useful resource for me and of course others with an interest in the SP. Many thanks, I will add it to the useful links on the right if you don't mind.