Thursday, November 28, 2013

CFNR 108 has arrived

A nice surprise was delivered at my door today, my second GP15-1 has arrived. Christmas has come early!
This one will get the same treatment eventually as the first one, ESU loksound decoder, and LED's in all light positions.
(and this time I'm not going to blow up the stock bulbs first :-) ).

This is my last locomotive for now that I'll be buying new and have had on pre-order for some time. The next couple will be ones I already own and am scheduling to detail, paint, weather and convert to DCC+sound, first of which is the GP9 commuter locomotive.  
The only pre-order I have outstanding is a few more box cars, SP and SP patched 'golden west service' cars, which were very common in the area I model, they are not due until next year sometime though.

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