Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Woodchip gondola progress

Here's a quick shot taken from my latest project. Visible here are two pairs of car sides, which had all the vertical braces and the top brace applied today. In stead of plastic bits, they now start to resemble what they're supposed to be. As you notice I mention two, what happened to number 3? Well, that one has to wait a bit, as my usual supplier only had 2 pairs of trucks in stock (Kadee), so I decided that I'll build two for now, and will build the 3rd one at a later date.
Also just visible in the bottom of the picture is my scale ruler. If you haven't got one, I recommend getting one, it's 10 times easier using one of these when converting measurements from a drawing onto styrene or similar, without difficult calculations etc. My ruler has scales (in feet and inches) for HO, N, S, and O, and even comes with a drill conversion table from US sizes to metric, as well as a recommended guide for drills and tap sizes. Less than £10,-.  Get one! :-)

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  1. Like projects like this. Do you have photos of the finished car?