Friday, July 1, 2011


It's July already, time flies when you're having fun. I was able to do a little in the last week too.
I've started laying some track for the next part of the layout, and re-layed some parts where the Davis Station was going to be, but got cancelled due to lack of space. I would not be able to do it justice, so perhaps on a next layout :-)
I've installed a Tortoise turnout motor too, which is pretty easy to do with my type of roadbed. I just cut a hole in the foam to the right size and the tortoise slots right in, easy to remove etc. I'm pleased how that worked out. The next step will be to wire some of this track up and connect it to the power bus going under the layout. I put feeders on about every 2 meters of straight track, and of course where needed around turnouts and insulated rail joiners etc.
I've also changed jobs within my company, this means that my travel patterns will be more regular and I'll be home most weekends. This will increase the precious family time, and of course , gives me more opportunities to do some work on the layout too. 

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