Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

It's this time of year that people set new plans/goals for the coming year. Some choose to go on a diet, others try to quit smoking etc etc.
I'm looking back at 2012 and noticed that I haven't posted as much as in year prior. While there have been personal issues in my life that have taken up leisure time, I could possibly have been a  bit more active.
I have to say that I have also posted on some other forums around the interweb, sometimes as part of a discussion, sometimes to report something new/relevant.
Of course this blog suffered a little, and therefore I've made the following resolution, and that is to post more frequently on this blog (obviously not for posting sake, but with some model railroad news, my progress on my two layouts (the CFNR / SP layout in the roof/loft of my house, and my Wolter Springs module), and other related topics.

I hope you will visit me regularly, and by all means post a comment / question or so, not only will that keep me on my toes and encourage me, it will also provide me with feedback for the blog.

By the way, I'm progressing slowly with my scenery, as below picture shows.
Thanks for visiting.

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