Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sometimes I don't like this hobby

Particularly if manufacturers start to send me messages that they're announcing this that or the other, and the items they offer are all things I'd like to have.
Case in point is Athearn's latest newsletter, announcing Southern Pacific GP9R locomotives, in their Genesis range. If the recent (2nd release) GP9's are anything to go by these should be beautiful, however they seem to be shipping very close to the release date of the GP38-2, of which I ordered two. I can't afford it all, so I will have to let these GP9R's slip for now, hoping for a future release.
Another reason why I don't like it is that I've got two GP9's by Proto 2000, for which I've purchased additional detail parts, and am about to go and strip those and turn them into SP GP9R's in the next few months..... Looks like Athearn will be shipping theirs even before I've got mine done...

Sometimes, I don't like this hobby.    ;-)


  1. Yeah, we are greedy ones, aren't we? :))
    Well, there's my version of this story: when I go to the old junk & vintage market, usually not looking for a certain thing, but I find there 1001 little old things I would like to buy. Related to rail models or not. Otherwise, this may be a hobby by itself....

  2. yup, that's it. Too many toys, and not enough time (or money :-))