Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Building a styrene trestle

I have reported from time to time, on my plans to build a set of modular layout boards, for use at my local club and elsewhere. I've finished the track plan a while back, and I have most of the basic materials in hand. however, with my job it is difficult to work on anything large while I travel, but I do work on small projects during this time. (one of which was my wood chip gondola). My next venture for this will be building a trestle for use on these modular boards. I've watched the 'Ten Mile Creek' scenery construction video's by Joe Fugate a few times, and he demonstrates an easy way of building one of styrene. (below screen shot is from this video series) As I have  a collection of styrene rods etc in my suitcase, I've decided to build mine using his methods. I'd recommend to take a look at his website
I will post progress reports here from time to time, so visit regularly to see what I'm up to.

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  1. It looks already very well... and vintage, too. Great work!