Saturday, November 26, 2011

Southern Pacific E9

While I was cleaning up the hobby'room' a little, I came across a locomotive that had been sitting in a box for quite some time. A great model of a SP E9. I hadn't used it much because it's from a railroad era I don't model , it hasn't been converted to DCC yet, and I thought it was much too big to do justice on my small layout. But then I came across this picture; here we have a once big mighty E9, hauling only two passenger cars, probably during their last days / years of service, no longer in front of a long express train, but a short and humble local. I'm now researching until which years the E9's could still be found in this service. Perhaps could I 'stretch' reality enough to do the same on my layout? (it will require a repaint of the loco as the grey is much too light, and some heavy weathering too. :-) ).  To be continued at some point....

 oh, and aparently this is my 200'th post since the start of this blog :-)

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