Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update September 2011

Hi all, sorry for the 'silence' on this blog. I've had an incredible busy time at work, and DYI work around the house, so much so that I have had little time for my hobbies, and no time for this blog. I hope to be catching up a bit soon.
My previous post was about the Athearn GP9's. they are indeed shipping, and are showing up in various hobbyshops, and new roadnames etc are regularly being announced. Reviews have been mixed. Some people think they're not as well detailed or have some incorrect details, as they could have been/had. They seem to run nice, but similar quality control issues are again popping up, Athearn really needs to get a fix on this. Other than that, it seems to be nicely dimensioned, and mix well with Proto 2000 units, which for some are still the best looking Geeps ever made. I leave it to you and be your own judge.
My own layout has not progressed much. The limited time I've had to spend on it I used to glue some basic scenery foam materials down, in preparation for scenicking the area that will become inspired on Cordelia tunnel and surroundings.
My woodchip gondola project is at a standstill at present, purely due to time. Also I need to buy a good file to sand off the edges of the car ends, before glueing them together.
Lots to get on with, and with the days slowly getting shorter, and temperatures starting to decline, I should hopefully find more time to work on modelrailroad projects. :-)

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